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Various Shapes Machining Carbon Fiber 3K Plain / Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Spare Parts

Various Shapes Machining Carbon Fiber 3K Plain / Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Spare Parts

  • High Light

    carbon fiber interior


    custom made carbon fiber parts

  • Material
    Plastic(ABS,PC,PE,PP,POM,PMMA,PVC,ps Etc.)
  • Size Tolerance
  • Processing Way
    SLA/SLS 3D Printing
  • Surface Treatment
  • Color
    As Per Customers' Requirement,painting
  • Application
    Household Appliances,Home Appliance,Commodity,Car,Auto Part
  • Keyword
    SLA/SLS 3D Printing Plastic Prototype,Rapid Prototyping Plastic Parts
  • Logo
    Support Silk Printing Logo
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    SLA/SLS 3D Printing Plastic Prototype
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 piece
  • Price
    Depends on specific part and quantity
  • Packaging Details
    standard export carton outside, foam filling
  • Delivery Time
    Generally 3-7 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, PayPal
  • Supply Ability
    50000pcs per month

Various Shapes Machining Carbon Fiber 3K Plain / Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Spare Parts

Customize Various Shapes Carbon Fiber Products 3K Plain / Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Spare Parts


What is Rapid Prototyping?
Rapid prototyping is a kind of professional manufacturing technology that is used to produce high-quality entity models of three-dimensional designs. Prototypes are useful for design improvements and can be used as stepping stones for comprehensive production or engineering testing. With the rapid prototyping, you can manufacture parts or the products to test for the component fit and function. According to the analysis results, you can make further adjustments (about the design, shape, materials, etc.) before the products finally enter the market. It can help you effectively save time and costs. A lot of our customers need to manufacture a entity component quickly to verify the feasibility of a design or a part. Nowadays, various kinds of rapid prototyping processes are available. You can choose the process which best suits your needs. With only thirty years around of development, rapid prototyping technology, as its name implies, has already been widely used in many areas. Meanwhile, the rapid prototyping services are still growing at a fast speed.



  • Description: SLA is a photo-curing molding technology, which refers to the method of forming three-dimensional solid layer by layer through the polymerization reaction of liquid photosensitive resin by ultraviolet irradiation. The work piece prepared by SLA has high dimensional accuracy and is the earliest commercial 3D printing technology.
  • Printing Material: Photosensitive Resin
  • Strength: photosensitive resin is insufficient in toughness and strength and is easily broken. At the same time, under high temperature conditions, the printed parts are easy to bend and deform, and the bearing capacity is insufficient.
  • Features of finished product: SLA printed workpieces have good details and smooth surface, which can be colored by spray painting and other processes.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Description:SLS is a selective laser sintering technology, similar to SLM technology. The difference is the laser power. It is a rapid prototyping method that uses infrared laser as a heat source to sinter powder materials and form three-dimensional parts layer-by-layer.
  • Printing Material:Nylon powder, PS powder, PP powder, metal powder, ceramic powder, resin sand and coated sand (common printing materials: nylon powder, nylon plus glass fiber)
  • Strength:material performance is better than ABS products, and the strength and toughness are excellent.
  • Features of finished product:the finished product has superior mechanical properties and is suitable for direct production of measurement models, functional models and small batch of plastic parts. The disadvantage is that the precision is not high, the surface of the prototype is relatively rough, and it is generally required to be polished by hand, sprayed with glass beads, ash, oil and other post-processing.

Various Shapes Machining Carbon Fiber 3K Plain / Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Spare Parts 0

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

  • -High degree of automation in forming process
  • -Precise entity replication
  • -High dimensional accuracy. Dimensional accuracy can be up to±0.1mm
  • -Excellent surface quality
  • -Unlimited design space
  • -No assembly required
  • -Fast forming speed and shorter delivery time
  • -Saving raw materials
  • -Improving product design



Q: How do I place an order?

A: a. Please send us your drawing or sample for evaluation, Generally quote will be sent to you within 24 hours.

b. After receving your PO and deposite, we start to arrange production.

c. Detailed production schedule will be provided to you, and we will keep you informed the process by taking photos and videos.

d. Arrange shipment after receiving your balance payment.


Q: What's your MOQ?

A: Normally we don't have MOQ limited, 1pcs prototype is accepted, welcome trial order before mass production.


Q: How much is the shipping cost to my country?

A: The freight charge depends on your location, the shipping way, package weight and dimension.


Q: What's the lead time?

A: Generally 3-15 working days. It depends on the part structure, dimension, technique requirement, order quantity.


Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept?

A: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Moneygram.


Q: What shipping method do you use?

A: a. For small quantity: we suggest express way like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT etc.

b. For large quantity, we suggest shipping by air or by sea.


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